Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the winner is.....

The winner of my recent name the necklace contest is Rain Pope, or rainfeather13 as she is known on etsy. Her shop on etsy is Rain's (Obsessive) Stitchery. Rain describes herself as "A happy kitchen witch in Nashville that does sewing, machine embroidery and other fun needlecrafts with her cat. Incorporating designs from many spiritual traditions, her products are designed toward the purpose of "bringing the common and sacred into agreement" and include kitchen towels, altar cloths, tarot bags and eclectic ornamental pieces."

Rain (and her husband) suggested the name Tonantzin. Tonantzin was the Aztec goddess of the harvest. Given my mother's love for gardening, both flowers and vegetables, I really liked this choice of name for the necklace I made using a part of one of my mother's favorite pair of earrings. A very fitting tribute to my mother, I thought (see my post below concerning my mother).

I am lucky enough to own not one but two of Rain's lovely pieces, both given to me as Christmas/Yule gifts last year. One of them features her fire goddess, as seen here.

Her tarot bags are beautiful. Done on silk, each has a lovely design embroidered onto the front. My favorite is this one which she has covered with gorgeous, brightly colored Celtic beasties.

In addition to her machine embroidery, Rain also makes beautiful hand-painted eggs. She uses bright colors and they look as if they were made of stained glass.

For a visual treat, please do stop by her shop and take a look around!

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Attack of the Vintage said...

Great post, you have helped me find a new favorite seller.