Friday, May 8, 2009


I have been a terrible blogger and not posted anything new in months. I am finally over my creative dry spell, however, and have been making and listing new things for close to a month. My latest creations come from a pair of earrings that were my mothers. I made two necklaces using each earring as a focal. I will be listing one necklace and the other will be the prize in my contest.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a name for this necklace:

The focal is made of polymer clay, glass and carnelian beads and wire. The beads used in the necklace are: agate, black glass, amber, turquoise, jasper, unakite, carnelian, serpentine, and green glass.

The prize uses the matching polymer clay, glass, carnelian and wire piece. It is strung with black glass, orange glass, yellow turquoise, serpentine, carnelian, ceramic, and wooden beads. Both necklaces measure 22" in length and the focal is just shy of 3" in length.

If you would like a chance to win the second necklace, please type your name for the first piece in the comments section for this post. I will choose the winning name on Wednesday, May 13 and will post it here on my blog and will let the winner know via email or etsy convo.

Thanks for entering and good luck!!!


vw69 said...

Mistress of the Elements

ZudaGay said...

Hi Kat!! So good to see you creating again!! I'm so sorry, but the only thing that pops in my head is X Marks the Spot. (it is my bed time) Lovely necklaces!

Chauncey said...

Hey Fig, Great contest but coming up with names is the skill I am the absolute worst at. Good luck, someone will come along with a winner.

heronkate said...

I would like the name "Dragon Dance"
And welcome back , Fig!

Sixsisters said...

Nice to see you Kat !
I thought " Java Jump" the first time I saw it.
I don't know why either lol.

cdosehn said...

I would name it the AMAZON! Great Colors!

joon said...

Hey Fig! Lovely to see you. My name is: Hidden Passion

It's lovely and good luck with everything.

Elizabeth Staley said...

Not that I need more jewelry (LOL) but I'm thinking "Goddess of the Rainforest" personally.

They're both beautiful!

Celtic Crossing said...

Hey there Kat! Beautiful necklaces. A name for them eh? With the colors & stones that you've used & the fact that you've used something that was worn by your mother & remade it, the name Persephone comes to mind. After the goddess Persephone, being the goddess of spring and new beginnings & that is exactly what you did with your mothers eaerrings was give them a new beginning!

Just my thoughts. Love them.

PeggySue said...

Simple, yet descriptive, 'Earth Mama'? I love the shade of green.

Rain said...

How about either Teteo Innan (aztec for Mother of the Gods) or Tonantzin (an aztec goddess of the harvest)