Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye to an amazing lady

My mother suffered a massive stroke nearly 13 years ago and has been living a half life since then. The woman who was so full of life and creativity, independence and adventure became almost totally dependent on others. Early on the morning of November 25 she was finally released from the shell of what she had become. I grieve for the loss of my mother, but have really been doing that for over a decade now. I also rejoice for her release and know that she has passed from the pain and unhappiness. A toast to my mother whose creativity and love of art helped to shape me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The holidays are approaching!

The holidays are coming and I have been listing new pieces, including some holiday themed jewelry. I am having carpal tunnel surgery next week and I am not sure how soon I will be able to get back to creating so I wanted to get a start on new items. Check out these new pieces!

Wand of a Steampunk Magus is a fun piece that actually lights up! I wanted to create a wand that might have been used by a steam-era mage. The light inside makes the quartz crystal on the end glow with either flashing or steady reddish light when it is turned on.

Deck the Halls is my entry in the etsy SteamTeam's current contest. It would look great on any Christmas tree!

For holiday themed jewelry I have these fun pieces using lampwork and semi-precious gemstone beads:

But Once a Year Made with lampwork beads by a local lampwork artist (Chic Velazco of Chic Beads), green aventurine, white onyx, glass, red coral, malachite and tierra cast lead-free pewter, this piece is sure to draw comments this holiday season!

Happy Holidaze This fun bracelet is made with some of Chic's
lampwork beads, along with golden metallic beads for a cheerful holiday look.

Red and White Bracelet Red and white lampwork beads by Chic and white howlite beads have been combined to create this luscious peppermint creation.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Back from SteamPowered!!

Wow, what a weekend!! I had a blast at SteamPowered! I got to meet some of the other etsy SteamTeam members, exceeded my sales goal, got to see Abney Park in concert and generally had a really good time.

I also got to meet Nathaniel of Abney Park on one of his wanderings around the vendor area and he graciously agreed to pose for a picture with me. He did, however, insist we pose as if it were a prom picture.

I was able to sell a fair amount of my steampunk style items and was very pleased about that. What didn't sell will get put back into my etsy shop as soon as it has been shipped back to me.

Industrial Fairytale did an amazing job of organizing our little group. Big kudos to our own Indy!!!

Orpheus Alchemy of the SteamTeam won first place in the inividual costume portion of the costume contest on Friday night. She looked amazing and definitely deserved the accolades. Any time she was at our tables she drew people who wanted to see her costume up close and find out how her wings worked. She is an amazingly talented costumer!

Despite the rain most of the weekend we all had a great time. The rain certainly didn't dampen anyone's spirits and a wonderful time was had by all!!!