Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yet more on Clockwork Con!

I am posting on Clockwork Con again! It is coming sooner than you think and you know you want to be there!!  Clockwork Con is a 3 day ALL Steampunk convention taking place in Austin, Texas the weekend of January 20-22, 2012. If you haven't already gotten your tickets, you can still get them here. Weekend passes are available for $50 each right now, $60 at the door.

Purveyors of all sorts of steamy goodness will be there as well! You can find corsets by Casta Diva, leather from Griffin Leather, clothing from Silver Leaf Costume, Ravenworks, Caveat Emptor and Mad Girl Clothing, wigs from Prince Pez Addictions, Steampunk Curiosities from the imagination of A Grimm, and jewelry by yours truly. You can even get your steampunk portrait preserved in photographic form by the wonderful folks at Penland Photography.

In addition, you can meet the crew of the Airship Isabella and the all-captain crew of The Delirium of Grandeur. Chat with the lovely and talented OM Grey, be entertained by Mr. Saturday and Sixpence, shake hands with Emperor Justinian of the Red Fork Empire (if you dare), or listen to the musical stylings of Steam Powered Giraffe, Bones Jangle and the VooDoo Island Cannibals, or the always wonderful Marquis of Vaudeville!

So if you haven't already made your reservations, DO IT NOW!!!

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