Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Quiet Summer So Far

So far it has been an uneventful summer, she said, knowing that in saying that things were likely to change.

But it really has been quiet. I've been making new things and doing some really fun trading. We went and saw the balloons launch at the Summer Heat Air Festival this weekend. That was a lot of fun.

We have been lucky and haven't had the terrible weather that a lot of the midwest has been subjected to. We have had more rain than usual and some strong storms, but no flooding or tornadoes, no power outages and no damage. A storm came up Sunday evening out of nowhere. We had some heavy rain and some apparent straight line winds, but again, nothing worrisome. Immediately after the storm the sun was still setting in the west and when I walked outside I saw this beautiful sight


rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?

Dayna said...

Love the balloon shot Kath! Lucky you getting the photo of the rainbow too. We just keep getting the rain although the past two days it has been sunny. Still lots of water left standing though.