Friday, May 23, 2008

What a Great Weekend!!!

Last weekend was sooooo much fun! Got to spend two days in Boston with some of the Boomers street team members. Here are Liv (thefiligreegarden), Katzie (katzscreations), Joon (Joonbeam), myself (figments), Chauncey (chauncey) and Beth (BethPeardonProds) on top of the tower at the Mt Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Not present in this picture are Nonnie(Nonnie60) and Kim (thewildhare).

We had a great time on the duck tour, walked all over town, saw the Boston Common and the Public Gardens, went to three cemeteries (including two very old ones), had a wonderful dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, saw gorgeous flowers made of glass that you would think were the real thing, and generally just had a really good time.

On Monday I went to Salem and got to meet Tracy (Summersea), Vickie (CreationsbyVickie) and Heather (HeatherFineArt), all of the Earthpath Artisans Street Team on etsy. We gathered at the Witch's Brew Cafe for lunch and then wandered and shopped the stores on Pickering Wharf and other places along the way. I visited the Burying Point and the Witch Trials Memorial as well.

Pictured here are myself (figments), Tracy (Summersea), Vickie (CreationsbyVickie) and Heather (HeatherFineArt), in front of a ship in Salem.

I had such a great time on this trip and hope to be able to do more trips like this soon!

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Beth said...

That was a nice summary Kat. Great time.