Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ok, so have this blog. Now I need to actually do something with it.

I have been trying to decide whether or not to narrow my jewelry style down. I love doing the beads but just haven't come up with any ideas I like of late. I have so much more fun with the steampunk, vintage and filigree pieces so I am thinking about focusing on those, as well as the 3d artwork (shadowboxes, nichos, assemblages and ACEOs). I still haven't quite decided but it is definitely something I will be pondering in the coming days, perhaps even weeks.

I have posted pics of several of my pieces just below the About Me section.

If anyone has any thoughts on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment.


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Dayna said...

Kat - It makes sense to focus on what seems to sell at any given time. Maybe work out a ratio.... 10 steampunk to 1 bead or something like that.
The sales winds change....sometimes with the seasons.Many times I think beaded items sell better in summer.
Good Luck!